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Warm Pet Bed Our New Dog Hides Under The Bed From The Kids All Day?

Our new dog hides under the bed from the kids all day? - warm pet bed

It is one years. We have just arrived and it was a Datsun (sp?) Mixture of Eskimos. She is very sweet, but it is a very nervous dog. She had an older woman with a disability who kept outside in a kennel all day.

It is a dog inside, and now seems to love. The only thing is that she is very afraid of our children. It's been 3 weeks and still hides or runs away when they come to. It is located under the bed, and when one of them run on too fast or jump on the bed and started barking to tremble with fear.

The only thing under the bed when I leave the room and follows me, and / or my husband in all things and is very playful and kind comes to us.

The woman said she had never been around children, but my children have tried to pet and play with her, but she warms them. They only bark and / or bark of the day. What can I do to change this situation?


Mr. P's Person said...

At the beginning it is best left alone to govern otherwise it will be used both indoors and not for children is undoubtedly shocked when they come to the wrong path. It will take some time, perhaps a good amount of time, but just let him not his own pace.

For now, much less used at home. Not to be ignored, but don t go after them to stroke. Perhaps sitting on the floor nearby. Once you are sure it will not hurt, the gradual approach.

When you sit on a chair or whatever your hand hovers over the page. Soon comes the smell. Anyone who feels his kiss after a moment.

Do not ask the children to run when it is in the same field. You ask them, a little quieter than usual when he is near. Explain why. I know it is difficult with children, but children between the ages of 3 or less can be understood when explained in simple words. It was clear that children are afraid for some reason. They need to maintain them, their past of this.

Remember, this is a whole new world for them. She got tothen used to get her confidence before she could learn to love.

Good luck and thank you for saving this child.

kikitiki said...

Since there is already a nervous person, you have to take it easy with her.

You must be sure that children do not move too fast around screaming, or crying, or just keep inconvenient. All this is only prolonging his suffering, agitation and barking. She's hiding because he fears the death of the children! No Jumping on the bed when it down!

If you are sure that the children are quiet and good for her and offered her candy. They also have their food during their normal diet. This will help you use many. Tell children not to approach him and wait until they come from an animal. 'll soon get used to feed them and learn to accept them, provided they do not try to rush anything and get all loud and crazy about her. Please treat them with affection, it finally seems to growl and attack, it's something that I had to do a dog and children hard day and night.

Good luck. Remember, peace, tranquility and cardboard. And a lot of patience!

angel said...

Patience, patience and more patience. The poor child was scared. It is better to leave the dog alone when it is under the bed, his safe place, like all dogs have a quiet place. It would be better for the children pet dog while. Children must learn that the dog is afraid, and they must be gentle and a little quieter around the animal. This is a big change for the dog, and he needs time to adjust. Small dogs are quacks, regardless of their origin. Search for books by Dr. Stanley Coram. It was the TV show "Good Dog." I am sure that his book will give you good advice.

Freedom said...

It was a culture shock. I have to ask .. their children are the kind of calm and serenity, or run through the house with the votes? This dog needs to rest it offers and the acclimation is slow and steady. When the children to her and asked her to leave and not absolute calm and patient about this rush, then it could turn the fear of fear aggression when threatened by them.
You must also ensure that no treatment is given while under the bed and in this way to act. For it is the reward for their behavior.
Your trust for the children, I think they should try to take it outside on a leash if leash training, a foot and his hand against a child at a time and then some distance between you and them. Questions to ask your children for good behavior.
They tend to put some trust in them, if you have a place to hide, instead.
They do not receive benefits the help of a coach and.

Jaime D said...

The dog may take some time to adapt to their environment. Especially when they socialized as a puppy. She is afraid, because the children usually slightly stronger after an elderly woman. Just take some time. For now, just trying to keep calm the children around the dog while she adjusts to her new environment.

Ava said...

It is playing scared.Tell completely ignore their children and try to use and very quiet. When you sit in silence (in soil), that may be checked. You can offer morsels of dry food for dogs faverite it when it approaches. Share speak softly to them. It takes time, but if you really want to save time, it is easy to know and feel within this around.She does not hurt. The patience and love. Good luck.

gwf2 said...

Sounds like he has suffered the violence, while outside, and perhaps other children. She also used for children, and perhaps they should be gradually exposed and perhaps individually. If there are still problems to go to the insinuation, the dog.

karyssa said...

It may have been abused or have jokes of children in the past
.. or a dwarf?
maybe sometimes, when your children see, they have to go slowly and caress her under the chin --
or only begin providing services on a treatment, and may it for a minute
probably warm
sorry if this does not help: \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Bonzie12 said...

I think you need to complete the training of your children on how to deal with this situation will be. The dog has never been around children and does not know how to manage them. It is necessary to explain your children to be more relaxed around the dog. No running up to them, or scream about, do not jump on the bed when it is down, etc. etc. etc. The reason is so gentle with you and your husband because it is used for adults. Even children can learn how to behave with the dog in a calm, then you still have problems with the dog.

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