Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aftermarket Boat Seats Using AMP To Power Boat Speakers?

Using AMP to power boat speakers? - aftermarket boat seats

Is it possiable to use an amplifier with no head-unit.
Connect any device with RCA jacks for?
I would rather buy an AMP from a HI-Fi on the secondary market for space reasons.


cplkittl... said...

Yes it is. You only need one RCA output. RadioShack has the mat to 1 / 8 "jack (headphones converts) to RCA. My only recommendation is to use an amplifier of the navy. E-cards are coated to them resistant to moisture.
You also need the amplifier with a remote control cable (usually provided by the stereo) This is a 12-volt trigger, which causes off the amplifier on and off. The amplifier is not entitled to participate in this cable, so that a small wire with a switching function. I recommend a change in its connection to the ignition and you can listen to your MP3 while the engine is turned off.

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