Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can Platypus Be Pets How Much Money Is A Platypus?

How much money is a platypus? - can platypus be pets

I want a pet platypus, but I do not know how they are


Heather H said...

If you need to ask yourself, you can not afford.

Do not think he could, but even if you wanted. Platypus are not animals. ...
Platypus are wild animals with special needs. It is prohibited for the public to enable them in captivity. A duck-billed platypus was discovered accidentally caught in a creek or hike in an unusual location should never be taken home and treated like an animal, even for a short period of time. The animal will not survive the experience.

Only a few zoos and Australian universities make to keep a platypus in captivity, to the legitimate or research. Current government policy in Australia does not allow this kind are taken abroad for any reason.

Pen name: Asiren Baupepllae said...

No, it can not be bought, a platypus. They are wild animals. But if you want, you can create a 20-cent coin from Australia, has a platypus. haha .. Joke.

kyliechl... said...

Platypus are fully domesticated and are illegal. Number of special needs and are averse to any form is not very funny, because you wouldnt be as

birdgirl said...

You can not know how, because they are wild animals and will not be sold as pets.

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