Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enlarged Liver More Condition_symptoms I Had An MRI For An Enlarged Liver. On The Images It Shows White Spots. What Does That Mean?

I had an MRI for an enlarged liver. On the images it shows white spots. What does that mean? - enlarged liver more condition_symptoms

My liver is enlarged and has for about 2 months. I have a lot of pressure in the abdomen. No doctor on call at this time.


july said...

I look at your previous questions that you have taken Crestor and know that can cause liver damage. This damage can, what in the liver by MRI. Since I do not know if you have any health problems or what other medications that have to take you / I can make other proposals.

I had no information linking Crestor swollen lymph nodes, it may have happened to various health problems here. They spoke of a sinus infection, which may likely cause enlarged lymph nodes.

If you are) not a doctor of Internal Medicine (gastroenterologist, please do watch it immediately. The liver is very large and is capable of some healing and regeneration, but you need a doctor to give an accurate diagnosis. If all symptoms are interrelated, it is important that you consult a specialist so that you can receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Other non-alcoholic fatty liver disease referred posters (fatty liver or NASH), but my understanding of this condition is notassociated with Crestor.

I) spots on my liver, but benign hemangiomas (benign tumors of the vessel from shells with blood and I have no scars or extension.

g'kar said...

Fatty liver problems, but again only missions Others wait for the tests.

DJ said...

Fatty liver probably does not drink so much

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