Monday, January 18, 2010

Shawl Dance I Need To Find A Shawl So My Dress Will Be Within Dress Codes!!!!?

I Need to Find a Shawl so my dress will be within dress codes!!!!? - shawl dance

I wear the most beautiful strapless dress to a formal dance at my school. The school rules are that u in the dress code or can get sent something stupid home.How residence is it? U'd think they cut some loose or whether it UR last dance on the right side of the school? W / E anyway I really want to keep the clothes so I am a scarf ivory cover on the back and find my clothes match. Does anybody know where I can find one? A nice as good in 14 years? Plz help!


Lisa H said...

I would not really scarf. It will be difficult to keep him on their shoulders when you're on the move and dance.

Have you held at a shrug? a kind type of thing cropped sweater. See Appendix.

Cassandra C said...

Personally, I would not dance with a scarf at a school. It is .. too formal And how can you assume to dance, while around the shoulders. I would def go for a nice cover conceals that only HTE shoulders.

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