Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tahoe Donner Ski Best Resort In Lake Tahoe?!

Best Resort In Lake Tahoe?! - tahoe donner ski

We are planning a trip snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, not sure whether to stay in the facility? We are young (20s-30s), but the social scene is not so important ... about his approach? Can I give a little comparison of some (all) of these stations? "What can you tell me, would be a toll of them, thank you!

Alpine Meadows
Boreal Ski Area
Diamond Peak
Donner Ski Ranch
Granlibakken Ski Resort
Heavenly Ski Resort
Homewood Mountain Resort
Mt Rose Ski Area
Soda Springs
Squaw Valley USA
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
Tahoe Donner Downhill


emowee said...

How much depends on what area of Lake Tahoe is being visited and how much of a snowboarder who you are. You are looking for any kind of nightlife. They are on the North Shore or South Shore, and at what time of year? I could give you some advice, but asked for further information. I've lived here 11 years and for which most everyone has been.

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