Thursday, February 18, 2010

Veet Strips Waxing Genital Area I Use Veet Waxing Strips On My Genital Area (am Female) But I'm Not Sure If They're Totally Effective. Help!!

I use veet waxing strips on my genital area (am female) but I'm not sure if they're totally effective. help!! - veet strips waxing genital area

I was a few days ago, but good to suck (I used Veet Wax Strips Ready to use).
The hair was very short (three days after shaving) and wax strips do not pull the hair.
Thus, these wax strips do not work so well.
Does anyone use an idea, the best products for hair removal "down there"?
I want the hair root.
So, what are some places to receive, cash, wax it right? It seems a little difficult.
Thanks in advance!


niptuck2... said...

3 days after shaving the hair is too short to work with wax strips. Let's expand it and then wax.

scarhead... said...

It seems strange, but try to put one leg on the table, and the Persian treat hot / cold wax strips only heat the wax in the containts a bit, then immediately strips of fabric over it can also "more hair on the link" Rip It Out and more efficient to try to wait about a week after his last shave.

Question Mark said...

wait longer before a waxing shaving weeks AFTE

matt said...

their very efeective

intellig... said...

should be good to grow your hair atleast 1 / 4 "for growth, something to keep the wax in order to work effectively there. Moreover, they are not able to permanently eliminate the dewaxing just a temporary thing, you have to repeat , all 3 to 4 weeks. If you opt for the permanent hair removal methods are available for that too.

nanatose... said...

I would be at least 1 / 8 inches or more than one wait for growth. It is a kit made of wax with cloth strips, which can be a kind of honey is more effective and perhaps a little more expensive.

miscrean... said...

I do not think the problem is with the wax strips. Hair must be at least one quarter of an inch long before waxing.

I suggest calling a beauty salon or day spa is that wax and ask prices, or even suggestions for hair removal. Pubic hair is very hard and kind of get rid of the ***** on him.

supakoo6... said...

Every real man wants a shrub that can build a house

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