Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can Tire Pressure Go Up Tire Air Pressure: How High Is Too High?

Tire Air Pressure: How High is Too High? - can tire pressure go up

I have the fuel economy in mind. My companions are only 14 inches in diameter tires (86 mi Jetta plant is 13 years.)

I wonder how high is too high. I had over 40 psi, instead of oil to replace it until 32. I was a little upset when the lady said: "It does not matter whether they are hot or cold, blown up to 32" and say it was a really stupid, because we all know that the tire pressure by 4PSi if the tire is hot, 5PSI if the tires in a burn-out, or something like that (the wheels turn like crazy, but were not involved are my companion.)

I wonder what is damaged, the highest pressure of trade tensions between the fuel and tires, and how much you can really go. Thank you.


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