Sunday, February 14, 2010

Groped On A Train Videos Why So Much Groping In Japan Trains?

Why so much groping in Japan trains? - groped on a train videos

Nowhere have I seen so much in the dark I see in Japan. Why? Is there something wrong with men or women here.
Source - I was a victim. The world has seen, but to no help.


Princess Kushinada said...

Why did not someone help?
I heard this question several times by strangers, I asked myself.There talks are a long time that "you can see everyone, but nobody comes to help." A Japanese professor and some students of Japan stated that since Japan is the group-oriented society, everyone expects someone else to do the first step, or they are told to do. He uses the term "Shiji Nihonjin machi" (in Japanese, learn to wait for instructions what to do).
Only 3 days to a rate has been approved and hit me hard in the head, while my friend did not see. The rest, however, the man saw and did nothing waited.I was just too shocked to react in any way, the truth (as in "I ....").
People are doing somethingbad because they know that they will disappear with him) (in most cases. Since few women "Chikan! Men cry, much less rush for help Groper know that they go to more opportunities, such crimes as petty theft or car accidents.

bluemoon... said...

Sorry, but the fact that it is better that women only passenger cars to choose from now.

If not using a car to avoid the particular area of groping in the car during the time of deliberation. There is no sense crying over spilled milk. Screams not even deserve.

In Japan, trains too full, it can also be passed on to you, fail to recognize that sometimes only marginally affected neighbors shaken by train, break or more of the population, without intent.

MXG said...

I had a friend that the same thing in Japan, which has already experienced harassment. Even if I know that sounds really bad, the best we can do is make a scene, and probably have more problems when you slap the guy, the best thing we do is contact the police. And I think the reason that all too often, because people talk does not happen when something happens, because I want to draw attention to themselves. But if you weep, I recommend the "Chikan, twisting" to translate, and then you could really go. I know, do "anything to make a scene," which sounds a bit painful, but if you have not lived in Japan, then dont criticize something you must experience. People try so hard not todraw attention to himself to remain calm as severe as it is, and if you see an employee of the station, the assistance or the police would be able to do better. Im sorry thats how things, I remember once seeing a young harassed by some guys, and all just by chance happened to see only at the moment, luckily the police arrived quickly.

Jordan P said...

I lived in Tokyo for seven months as an exchange student. And yes, the perpetrators of the train is definitely a problem.
Therefore, most women have only a few railway carriages during the rush hours in the morning and afternoon. But I am sure that sometimes can not aboard a wagon full of old perverts to be helped.
My good friend (girl) had a similar experience. She was an entrepreneur looking very drunk. If it happened, he cried, "Chikan! Caught (which means" Aggressor train "in Japan) and immediately the other men on the train the man who pushed him against the door of the train, and finally from the train onto the ground for the next season.
His experience is terrible, I hope that the faceOkay. But I agree with some answers about the new Japanese people never need someone help.
If something happens like that again, I think he should yell something. Not that we answer the psychology of the perpetrators of the train, but probably do, because it is almost certain that women are too shy in Japan, too. If everyone in the car heard her cry, I think you surprised at the reaction will be.
Well, I hope this has helped and has renewed his faith in humanity a little. :)

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