Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blunt Skins How To Treat Deep Tissue Injury From Blunt Trauma?

How to treat deep tissue injury from blunt trauma? - blunt skins

A person who initially landed the knee with the weight (~ 170 lbs.) Person B. Person B was the right knee medial deltoid, biceps and triceps inside. Intact skin. Hematoma is 3 "by 2" can not determine the extent of muscle damage. No Dr until Monday. Preferred Care?

All types of thank you!


Kite Flyer said...

My advice is to repeat ice for 48-72 hours (20 minutes outside for 60 minutes in 20 minutes what you can. Even the minimal use of this weapon until you see your doctor. If there is even worse and more painful Possibly You have to see in an emergency room.

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