Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walk On Pediatric Is It Possible To Have Neurological Irregularities As A Result Of A Viral Infection?

Is it possible to have neurological irregularities as a result of a viral infection? - walk on pediatric

My daughter had a cold Sunday night. I have them in the DR Mo. Clock. 3 Tonils not strep, no fever. Get the latest this morning. She began trembling and later had a stroke about one hour later. At this time his temperature was 102nd When we arrived in the emergency room, was the 104th He said the seizure was the result of the fever, it was not too worried. He said that the follow-up with the pediatrician, I made the next morning. At that moment, his eyes began to talk about and is an obstacle when it comes to walking. We were in the hospital. MRI, spinal tap, EEG, blood tests normal. Seen from neurolgist. Consult a pediatric neurologist, said a bad virus infection can cause neurological problems and inconsistencies disappear by themselves. It is much better, but still suffers from mild symptoms. I am tempted to insist on that pedicatric seen by a neurologist. HELP!


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