Monday, December 28, 2009

Disney Cruise Uk Lookin For A Honeymoon Destination Which Has Great Entertainment, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Shops Etc?

Lookin for a honeymoon destination which has great entertainment, restaurants, theme parks, shops etc? - disney cruise uk


I am from Wales, United Kingdom, and try my honeymoon in mid-August for about 10 days. We have been and intends to take the cruise, but I have no clue to distinguish adequate to our idea of a perfect vacation.

We're not really worried relaxed on the beech, tourism and history. We prefer great night of entertainment, dining in fine restaurants, theme parks will (we are like children, by the way!), Shopping, etc.

I know who goes to the United States are many possibilities, but my partner did not return a long flight (we went to Florida and has for too long!). Go to Disney theme park in France, it is not practical because we went into Florida and are more or less the same.

Please can someone me a place that meets our criteria?

I would appreciate any advice (except the United States or remain in the UK!) - Whether on a cruise or flight.

Thank you.

D xx


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