Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bmi Women What Is The Ideal BMI For Teen Girls/women?

What is the ideal BMI for teen girls/women? - bmi women

I do not want to hear what the "average" BMI. I want to hear what a thin / skinny, but would be healthy (not anorexic) girls BMI. 18.5-24.5 do not tell me. I want a certain number!

Also speaking to muscle mass. only a small number, and body mass index, if you want to say.

My BMI is 20.0.


malica said...

There can not be uploaded because people have a series differing bone structures and developed for sizes. Have but have people, not expect broad shoulders and narrow shoulders individuals and that have these people equal weight "perfect" - although same height.

Tan if you Straits Shoulder / hips / Marco then somewhat nearer is appropriately to 18,5. When a image to is magnified somewhat nearer to 24.9 adecuated. When a Frame and then average something longer conclude appropriate medium.

Sorry dan Area 18.5-24.9 good reason - he only Answer number for all acceptable.

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